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Oct 13, 2017 | Strategy

Most of the significant things in business aren’t stand-alone events, but rather the sum of all the moments when we did things just a bit better or worse.

That’s why we always try to continuously improve our work. We always look for 1% improvements in the details of our work which, in the long run, make something extraordinary. This is based on the philosophy of Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese word which stands for making continuous, incremental improvement. A philosophy our team holds close to the heart.

In order to follow this Kaizen philosophy, we choose to launch most of our solutions in pilot groups, instead of launching it with a big bang across an entire business. The Lean-Startup methodology, advocated by Eric Ries, helps us do just that. It’s a scientific approach of business development which is built around “build, measure, learn”. Just like you would do in a lab.

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This approach helps us come up with solutions which are battle tested before rolling it out in the rest of the business.

Google recorded a great talk from Eric Ries in which he explains more about the Lean Startup principles. If you’ve never heard of this, it’s a great way of getting familiar with the methodology. It certainly helped us improve our work, experiment by experiment.

When you’re working lean, data is at the heart of your learnings. We make sure we gather data in everything we do and think about our goals up front. This ranges from the opening rate of our communications to the ratings of the people using our solutions. Whether that be a capability assessment program like New media know-how, a Masterclass Storytelling or the Training videos we’ve produced. Numbers tell you what’s happening, but not why. Therefore we also set-up a feedback loop which complements the quantitative data. This helped us understand why some things were working or were not working.

In the end, these principles of Eric Ries really helps us to rationalise our learnings and take our own prejudice and emotion out of the investigation. Sometimes you create something which you believe in so bad, it just has to work. But in the end, when you develop a service or product for an audience, that’s never your decision. 

Build, measure, learn, build, measure, learn & build, measure, learn. 

Become 1% better everyday, improve with deliberate practice and soon you or your business will become whatever you want it to be.  

Are you working lean yet? 

Are you hungry for more? We help companies optimise their team and processes for a living.. We’ve helped hundreds of people integrating lean-startup principles in their daily work. Feel free to get in touch and see how we can help get started. 

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