What is a people first organisation?

Oct 10, 2017 | People first

We want instant  ‘everything’. We expect products to ship within 24 hours and prefer chat over e-mail. Learning something new is only a google search away. But whenever we go back to the office, why do some of us  go back about 20 years ago ( and be okay with that?). At get your growth, we’re in a constant search of finding out the magic tools or strategies which modernizes the employee experience.

Although there are already some great products & services already out there! We haven’t found the one tool or method to rule them all. (If you have, let us know!!)

So let’s have a look at what we have learned.

There are three macro elements which make any profitable business. Product, Customer and People. Although you’ll need all three elements in balance for a healthy business, every leader has a natural favorite which (s)he puts at the heart of the business. Some will say: ‘customer is king’ and others focus on creating worlds most beautiful products, which in their turn attract the sales. Although there are tons of successful businesses, where the leader, has the customer or product at the heart of the organization – We believe that each element has their own responsibilty, which they should put first. And leaders only have one responsibility – which is their people.

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With that in mind we’ve built the people first model. In this model you see the employee in the heart of the organisation. The more confident, happy and productive your people are ; the better relationships they will develop with your customers and the more they will try to improve in the products and service you offer.

In this climate, everyone in the organisation is part of your sales force. Whether that’s directly in the role of an account manager or an employee which is sharing an experience on Instagram. Also, everyone in your business is an innovator. Too often we look for innovation and new ideas outside the walls of our company. Not realizing there is a ton of untapped potential sitting right next to you.

” We believe people are the foundation of growth.”

Christopher Marks & Thomas Rovekamp

Founders, Get your growth

Simon Sinek nails this idea in this simple but strong tweet. 

This doesn’t mean buying some bean bags, a bowl with an infinite supply of M&M’s and throwing a party will get you there. (Although that bowl of M&M’s will get you pretty far!).  It also doesn’t mean more salary or time off will do the job. It goes beyond the hygiene factors of people’s job. Being people first dives into a deeper part of your culture. It’s about having a strong company vision, serving a purpose and strong values on which you act.
A great example of a business who gets this right is Southwest Airlines. Employees at Southwest know that they connect People to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel. And they have this ambitious vision to become the world’s most loved, most flown, and most profitable airline.
From there it gets ‘easy’. They formulated the most important values which leadership recognizes and kickstarted the Southwest culture. In almost every modern leadership book, you’ll find examples of how this clear purpose helps the organization reach its vision. What makes this even more vivid is the way they use corporate stories to share the stories in which they celebrate their values. It’s really worth checking out their video’s.

So what’s people first?

It all starts with realizing that as a manager, CEO or leader your responsibility isn’t the product, it’s not the customer, but the people in the organization. Remember, being a leader isn’t defined by your place in the organisation, it’s what you have to deserve from the people in the organization.  Reveil your north star, show what values you recognize and live up to those.

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